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Music is Universal

I've been around the world...  Singing and playing from Los Angeles to Liverpool, Indiana to India, Tennessee to Tokyo, New York to New Orleans, Haiti to Hawaii,  Alaska to Iceland, Honk Kong to Houston, Micronesia to the Caribbean, etc. Everyone, everywhere loves their music.

Live Your Dream

Music plays a big part in my life. I've been blessed to be on both sides of the microphone from audio engineer recording the likes of Jacki De Shannon to Adam Ant - to a performing stage artist which allows me to be able to write, record, produce and perform my own original material.

Love is the Answer

It's been said, and we believed, but the lack of love is fear - and we've all been there. Especially in times like today, when the world seems so stressed and angry, almost unrecognizable from what we were hoping for. That's the time to start over, to learn to love again - starting with ourselves.